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International Journal of Genetics and Gene Therapy (IJGGT) is a peer-reviewed, open access journal which accepts for publication, articles on latest research in the field of genetics and developments in pre-clinical and clinical research on gene therapy.

International Journal of Genetics and Gene Therapy (IJGGT) provide an international forum for the publication of scholarly articles in the areas of biochemical genetics, cell and developmental genetics, clinical informatics, cytogenetics, gene function and expression, gene therapy, genetic education, genetic epidemiology, genetics counseling, genomics, immunogenetics, medical genetics, molecular genetics, mutation and repair, public health genetics and stem cell therapy.

The articles submitted to IJGGT are published under one of the three sections - Experimental Genetics, Medical Genetics and Gene Therapy

Following types of articles are published in IJGGT: Review Articles, Original Articles, Short Reports, Rapid Communication, Case Series, Case Reports, Clinical Images, Letter to Editors.

Submission to peer review: 28-42 days
Acceptance to final publication: 31 days
Page proofs to final publication: 14 days

doi: 10.5348/ijggt-xxxx-x-xx-x

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ISSN No: 2319-4243

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