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About: IJGGT

Welcome to International Journal of Genetics and Gene Therapy (IJGGT)

International Journal of Genetics and Gene Therapy (IJGGT) is a peer-reviewed, open access, online journal which accepts for publication, articles on latest research in the field of genetics and developments in pre-clinical and clinical research on gene therapy.

International Journal of Genetics and Gene Therapy (IJGGT) provide an international forum for the publication of scholarly articles in English, in the areas of biochemical genetics, cell and developmental genetics, clinical informatics, cytogenetics, gene function and expression, gene therapy, genetic education, genetic epidemiology, genetics counseling, genomics, immunogenetics, medical genetics, molecular genetics, mutation and repair, public health genetics and stem cell therapy.

The articles submitted to International Journal of Genetics and Gene Therapy (IJGGT) are published under one of the three sections. These three sections cover the experimental and medical genetics research and gene therapy.

International Journal of Genetics and Gene Therapy (IJGGT) publishes original, unpublished articles under the following sections:

  • Experimental Genetics
  • Medical Genetics
  • Gene Therapy

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IJGGT will publish accepted articles as "Early View Articles" immediately after final acceptance and editing for publication, rather than waiting for an issue. Free full-text of all articles will be available immediately on publication.

IJGGT publishes following types of articles:

  • Review Articles
  • Original Articles
  • Short Reports
  • Rapid Communication
  • Case Series
  • Case Reports
  • Clinical Images
  • Letter to Editors

Announcements are also published in IJGGT

Advantages you get on submitting your manuscript to IJGGT:

  • Fast online submission - Fast online submission of your manuscripts. You can submit manuscripts online or send them as email attachments.
  • Prompt service - You get a prompt, personalized and courteous service. All your emails and messages will get a response within 24 hours.
  • Early decisions - Decision on your manuscripts will be given immediately after editorial and peer review. "Submission to first decision" time is less than six weeks.
  • Expert peer reviews - Your article will be peer reviewed by experts in the subject of your manuscript which ensures that we maintain high standards of scientific quality of the articles published in IJGGT.
  • Immediate publication after final acceptance - Your article will be published as Early View Article immediately after final acceptance, and in its final form, in multiple formats, as soon as it is edited for publication. You do not have to wait anxiously for the next issue of the journal to see your valuable work in print.
  • No article processing charges - You will pay Article Publication Charges only after your manuscript has been accepted for publication after editorial and peer review. There are no fees for submission or processing of the manuscript.
  • Increased impact of your research - Open access model of IJGGT makes all articles freely accessible by everyone, anywhere in the world. Full text of your article in HTML format and as PDF files is available free online at IJGGT website.
  • International dissemination - Your article will reach an international audience. Our electronic format enables rapid publication of accepted manuscripts and immediate free access to all the articles. Your published article will sent to registered readers, deposited in open access directories and included in RSS feed of the journal. Links to article will be posted in journal blog, social networking sites and discussion forums.
  • Cite your article - Your article published in IJGGT will be cited similar to the articles in traditional journal.
  • You retain the copyright - You will retain the copyright of your work. You won't have to take permission from publishers to reuse or distribute your own published work, as it happens with other journals.
  • Article for your use - As soon as your article is published in the journal, you will receive in your email, a PDF file of your published article and a link to your article on our website.
  • Constant contact - You will receive table of contents of IJGGT, every month, in your email. We encourage readers to register for the Table of Contents (TOC) notification service for this journal using the small form given in the right column of the website. When you register for this service you will receive, in your email, the table of contents of IJGGT for each new issue of the journal.

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