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Open Access: IJGGT

Open Access publishing

"International Journal of Genetics and Gene Therapy" (IJGGT) is dedicated to providing high-quality, peer reviewed, open-access articles.

Open access model of IJGGT provides immediate and free access to all articles as soon as they are published online. Users are free to download, read, copy, distribute and print the full texts of these articles. Electronic publication of IJGGT makes all articles freely available to all readers, immediately on publication. It also means that papers are not rejected because of lack of space as happens with print version of other journals.

Benefits of Open Access:

  • All articles freely available to all readers.
  • Free availability means more citations for your articles and their increased importance in scientific literature.
  • Authors retain the copyright of their work, which means they can freely reproduce and distribute their work.
  • The scientific community has immediate and free access to the results of your research.
  • Double-blind external expert peer review of your manuscripts allows a fair and unbiased assessment and publication.
  • The articles published in IJGGT are available in multiple formats (Abstract, HTML, PDF).
  • Many traditional journals cover the cost of publication through subscriptions to the journal and charging for purchase of individual articles. This means that if an author wants to use a previously published work, he/she will either have to pay to purchase the articles or look for articles which are freely available and cite them in his/her work. This results in more citations for articles which are freely available online. Open access publishing of IJGGT makes your article available for anyone to use in their work and increases its importance.
  • Authors are required to pay Article Publication Charges for publishing their work in open access journals. This fee covers the Journal's costs of peer reviewing, editing, publishing, maintaining websites and archiving process. It may be difficult to get funds for purchasing articles to use in your work however it is much easier to obtain funds to pay for the publishing fees.
  • IJGGT has standard Article Publication Charge which are much lower than other journals. We have kept the rates very low to help everyone publish their work without worrying for funds to pay for the fees.
  • The articles published in IJGGT are fully citable. Each article receives a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) number.

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