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Sections and Subjects: IJGGT

IJGGT is divided into three sections to cover all aspects of clinical and laboratory genetics research and gene therapy.

The articles submitted to IJGGT are published under one of the three sections. IJGGT publishes original, unpublished articles under the following sections:

Experimental Genetics - This section publishes research articles and information on all aspects of laboratory genetics research including: animal models, antisense technology, apoptosis, bioinformatics, cancer genetics, cancer stem cells, chromosome biology, comparative and functional genomics, cytogenetics and genomic imaging, DNA synthesis and repair, drug resistance, epigenetic reprogramming, epigenetics, epigenetics and disease, evolution, evolutionary genetics, gene cloning and mapping, gene delivery systems, gene discovery and function, gene expression analysis, gene mapping and functional studies, gene regulation, gene structure and organization, gene transfer, genetic and functional analysis of animal models of disease, genetic polymorphisms of biologically important genes, genetic services, genetic variation and genome diversity, genetics of complex diseases, genome rearrangements and disease, genome structure and organization, homologous recombination, human evolution, human genome analysis, genetic mapping, gene sequencing, linkage and association analyses, molecular cloning/sequencing, molecular diagnostics, molecular genetics of tumorigenesis, monogenic and multifactorial disorders, mutation detection and analysis, novel mutations found in cancer cells, physical mapping, ribozyme technology, RNA/DNA transfer into mammalian cells, stem cell characterization/manipulation the translation of genotype to phenotype, tumor immunotherapy and tumor suppressors and vaccine development.

Medical Genetics - This section publishes research articles and information on all aspects of medical genetics including: advances in diagnostics, advances in genetic counseling, carrier detection, community genetics, complex traits, delineation of syndromes due to chromosomal aberration, descriptions of new syndromes, development and malformation, developmental biology, as it relates to clinical genetics, developmental genetics, ethical,legal and social issues, genetic basis of human diseases, genetic epidemiology, genotype-phenotype relationships, hereditary cancer, immunology and immunotherapy, medical genetics, metabolic dysplasia and malformation syndromes, newborn screening, novel mutations found in patients with hereditary diseases, population genetics, prenatal diagnosis, quantitative, population, and epidemiological genetics, statistical and computational genetics and translational research.

Gene Therapy - This section publishes research articles and information on all aspects of gene therapy research and its clinical applications including: cancer therapy, cellular therapies, hematopoietic progenitor cell gene transfer, management/intervention of genetic diseases, novel therapies for genetic diseases and stem cell therapy

IJGGT accepts following types of manuscripts:

  • Review Article - An article discussing a single topic in detail.
  • Original Article - An article reporting results of clinical, pre-clinical and experimental research including randomized controlled trials, interventional studied, case-control studies, outcome studies, studies of screening and diagnostic test and cost effectiveness analysis.
  • Short Report - Report of work on significant novel developments or important preliminary observations.
  • Rapid Communication - Articles reporting results of a pilot study or preliminary findings of a study
  • Case Series - Report of a series of two to six similar cases
  • Case Report - Report of a single case
  • Clinical Images - Distinct images from clinical medicine, radiology or pathology, with a short discussion of the case (shorter than a case report)
  • Letter to Editors - Brief report of a case, results of a pilot study or comments on articles published in the journal.

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